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9 Apr 98

rough night, advil wore off around 5 am, muscles cramped and spas'd from coughing and gastrointestinal distress. chased b out of the bed, so touchy.

rushed breakfast. kissthisguy mentioned in NYTimes. more mail from pavic (khazar cd-rom). drop off b after obstacle course. crazy drivers. make it to dentist with time to spare.

i am anxious today, overdue for this cleaning, apprehensive - psychology of teeth (pynchon), naked oral hygienist - idea of hypertext, so that order, sequence precedence unclear. coughing hurts my twisted right shoulder.

(in waiting room) new yawk upper west side brass voice.


when i'm out of here i need to get together the Phish mailorder and pick up the certified mail package sarah sent from hawaii, containing two tickets to the 4/20 Phil show at the Warfield, featuring Hornsby and remored to include Branford as well, who will be in town for a stand at Yoshi's. Still looking for a ticket for Non.

Also need to call the Jazzschool and see if a rank beginner such as myself can sign up for the beg./int. jazz and blues guitar class. speaking of my aspiration to amuse myself on the guitar, sarah sent me this (reprinted with permission):

how bizarre. i just this second remembered a
dream i had two nights ago. we were sitting
outside in a park here in honolulu and you were
playing the guitar. you had only been playing
for a short time, but i thought you were really
good, but also really trippy. you had this wacky,
baroque, very avant-garde style, all over
the fret, almost in a flamenco way but not
as ethnic sounding. when you were done playing
a piece that you apparently written yourself,
i said, "you've just discovered a whole new way
of playing that instrument." and you said "you
think so?" and that was the whole dream.

jeez now i think about it, you were playing
the guitar the same way you talk.


I should mention the Barbie movie - will probably have to miss the opening party Susan Stern invited me to (it's on the 28th, the day B and I return from New Orleans).

(10 after - why are they already running late at 9 am?) hurts my sore muscles even to fart - need that yoga ability to learn how to not tense muscles not needed for the task at hand. Why do so many other muscles tense involuntarily, sympathetic? disgusting kid in waiting room, snorting and guzzling mucus rather than blowing his nose.

later, lunch in the city with steev. plan to get guitar neck tightened/straightened. need to get N.O. tickets (for evening shows), dinner res.

hypertext idea: I Am Joe's Kidney (I Am Joe's Brain)

...and silence contagious in moments like these....

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