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8 Apr 98

Working lunch with shacker wherein I consulted with him regarding the book contract he's about to sign. Trading on the benefit of my experience (hard won), and my file of contracts with various publishers and other entities, I suggested a few points he might want to clarify or negotiate over. My first "agenting" type gig, though for a one-time hourly fee to be sure, and no tithed annuity for the rest of Scot's natural working life.


Got the cash together for Phish mailorder, keeping open the possibility that B and I will fly to Portland, catch the show there with Mitch and Geri, then drive with them to Seattle, drop off Geri, and continue on to the Gorge for the next two shows before flying home from Seattle.

Got to the Freigh & Salvage box office too late to nab a third ticket to John Fahey for Dick.

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