b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

10 Apr 98

got car back last evening. time to celebrate.
2517 miles
207.8 on the trip odometer.

pulled out "still a ways away" for first deck-ride in car. what a great fucking tape! (i still say you could do fiction structured on a mix tape: i could probably do mine, encoded as they are in my memory, in the making, and with all the re-listens - then again, the meaning keeps changing - and bill cassel's tapes would work too.)

darling, darling
do we part like the seas?
the roaring shells
the drifting of the leaves
guiding light, guiding light

i never like having to rewind.
guiding light, good title? television song, soap opera.

i'm a charming and dangerous guy
i'm a charming and dangerous guy
if you don't expect too much it's all right
i hope she's in love with
i think she's in love with

cry for the way things turned out to be.

we saw the man with the sunshine in his eye

before it was cool, and you took it to school

you ain't got time to call your soul a critic, no

there comes a redeemer... jesus jerry buddha. boy man god do i have to pee.

yester morrow
day one
first lines

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