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3 Mar 98

I'm strangely at peace with Enterzone 14 coming out a few days late this time. So much has been going on, and the reading is looming, and I'm getting my work done, and I'm scraping by financially, and as Richard Thompson once put it "I feel so good I'm gonna break somebody's heart tonight."

For the benefit of a mock-humble fireman fellow journaler (who replied to a follow up I made to a message he wrote to the diary-l list, tweaking another frequent - read voluminous - poster to that list) who told me he didn't get my "progressive" capitalization and punctuation style, I'm going to make an effort to apply Chicago Manual of Style type standards, as I generally do over in Enterzone (except when the creative wishes of the writers conflict, naturally). I don't mind correcting my capitalization (I'd call it lazy, not progressive), but it will be hard to put back in all the commas (assuming that's the idiosyncratic punctuation he dislikes). Once you start taking out the commas (see Gertrude Stein and William S. Burroughs for two examples) you try not to need them so much. The fact that Naked Ape doesn't get it tells me that the cadences and rhythms of my words are not carrying his eye past the missing helpful marks he can rightfully expect to guide him through the thicket of my compound complex prose.

Bit by bit I'm coming out of this closet, stil trying to walk a line and not overtly *promote* this journal, but I do mention it in my default e-mail signature now, and I've decided to make the journal itself less of a cul-de-sac. So from now on the "xian" link at the bottom of the page will not be a mailto link but will point to the breathing? page that serves as a frontispiece for this diary and includes links to my other active sites.

Decided to name the car Mister Green Jelly Bean, Green J. Bean, or just Mr. Bean for short. Finally got the license plate, nothing memorable, except for the California Sesquicentennial mention. Might get a coastal or arts plate next time. The arts supports a state foundation that gives out grant money. One of the winners last year was Martha Conway, Enterzone's fiction editor (and one of the featured readers for the upcoming Read-In this weekend).

I still have to do the grocery shopping today.

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