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2 Mar 98

Visited B at her office on the Berkeley campus. After parking the car, I ran into Mark, a friend from the Usenet world who works as a programmer-analyst in Soda Hall. I rememebered how Rich used to work in a similar position 50% time with full benefits and started wondering if that's the sort of sinecure that would take me off the money treadmill.

Briggs said she was happy to see me coming through the door and that an old friend from work had come by earlier and also dragged her out of the stuffy office, so she was having a good day. I have to do that more, drop by more, give her more of my time spontaneously.

The downside of the great time I had this weekend with Sarah at the resurrection of the Dead show at the Fillmore was that she went back to Hawaii feeling a sort of disconnection or loss, and Briggs spent the weekend feeling left out of the primary source of joy and interest in my life. It seems like a lot of stuff has come to a head and I really never know how things will work out, but for some reason I'm not really thinking in those terms these days. Instead I'm feeling incredibly grounded, as if layers of murk have lifted, pent up lava has flowed. I feel like the natural man. I am acting on my feelings. I am living in my body. I am surviving. Life is intoxicating.

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