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5 Mar 98

Levi drove himself from SFO to our house in Oakland during nasty weather and the commute hours. It took him over three hours. Nick had come directly to my office downtown and fortunately (for him) I was already running late and still there at 5:30, an hour after I had intended to leave.

I was finally starting to get the jitters about the impending event, unsure if the small size was going to be intimate or disappointing, but fortunately, Briggs started dealing with logistics, picking up some jerk chicken and salad up in Montclair so we could wolf down a quick dinner, and driving us all over to Zoka to rehearse.

We introduced everyone and then Briggs read one of her old pieces, about snails in our backyard and related musings. Levi rehearsed by reading another, related piece by Briggs about her mother's and father's contrasting gardening styles. I read Please Don't with Suki adding weird percussion and rhythm tracks and Michael messing with reverb and delay to get just the right paranoid psychedelic effect. I was pretty excited about the potential, but wished more people could have come by to get acclimated and to work out their sound requirements with Michael and Suki.

We left barely in time to drop Nick off at the 12th Street BART station before taking jetlagged Levi home, any thoughts of making to the Ominous Seapods show in SF beyond our imagination.

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