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26 Feb 98

Had to beg off of dinner with Dick and Briggs tonight to drive to SFO to pick up Sarah on her Hawaiian airlines flight. It arrived forty minutes late, and we had to go directly to Ashkenaz in Berkeley where David Gans' band was playing to meet up with BD, our benefactress, who'd had the foresight to pick up extra tickets and who offered them to us when my credit-card order failed, I groveled on the net, and Sarah and I both individually mailed her in response to her announcement. We paid court, met Steviemo, her show-going buddy, and talked of this and that (she even asked me if I was one of the real or fake trolls on r.m.gd, a lad named Jimmierow!). By now I was incredibly tired so a little after 11 we headed out, without me having a chance to say hi to David (I also missed noticing that MZ, one of the co-hosts of the upcoming reading, was taping the show), and I headed toward Alameda.

The place Sarah was staying was actually on the southern tip of Alameda, significantly further than I'd realized, and I didn't get back home until 12:30. By then Briggs was already asleep, always a bad sign. Since she was going out with Dan and EB and Bill tomorrow to see the Frank Black show, and since I'd seen the second Ratdog show at the Fillmore with Nick on Wednesday night, that would mean three nights in a row we wouldn't be doing anything together or practically even seeing each other.

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