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25 Feb 98

working late last night i forgot that the parking garage closes at 8 pm and ran down there (after signing out of my building) after 8:20 to find the place lit up light a christmas tree but empty except for perhaps a janitor who is not allowed to let cars out.

i tried waiting for the bus but got impatient and finally flagged down a cab. he couldn't break a 20 so it used up all my singles and all change to pay and tip him. this morning, i took the bus downtown, spacing out in a reverie so thick i couldn't distinguish my real memories from echoes of dreams from the last, restless night.

when i got downtown this morning i checked in at the parking lot and got something out of my car (i washed it yesterday for the first time ever and it regained its jewel-like gleam). there i noticed a woman sitting in her parked car bopping and boogying her head to music i couldn't hear. but i could see it. i almost went over and asked what she was listening to (what would inspire her to delay heading for work until it was done?), but thought about how startled i would be if someone rapped on my car window while i was lost in the music of the stereo.

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