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12 Feb 98

My scanner is still acting fickle especially when I try to prescan something, but I got it working and finally got around to scanning some drawings from my notebook going back to December. For yesterday I scanned something I wrote in my checkbook before leaving the bank, for 98 01 21 I finally scanned the long-promised sketches of a bird on a streetlamp, and for the Phish show on 97 12 29, I added my sketches of a few of the musicians and of myself. I also had scanned a photo I took from my car window with a disposable camera, while driving across the bay bridge on a cloudy stormy night to see zero at the maritime hall sometime in the last few months. I looked for an entry about the show to which I could add the photo, but couldn't find one. I don't mention the show on 97 11 21, which was the likeliest candidate, so I've included that photo here:

bay bridge

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