b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

29 Dec 97

that's a paddington hat -x
exactly! exactly! -s

levi's little boy smile

i'm peering through your opacity

rehearse tomorrow's verse
forgive me if i don't singe in reverse
[sic, s/b key]

jam chunk

(cool, a Zero cover, just kidding)

Esau myth essential blow against patriarchy
Me as second born but first born *son*, usurping older sister's place.
write jennifer's story
wizard versus warrior, gandalf

write novel *by* posting to usenet

Jerry garcia was the greatest master ever of slack-stomach guitar.
Kimock is the best tight-stomach guitarist I know (better than... <--bogus concept) compare Henry K.

cars truck buses

briggs of course already there
younger brother
let me get there
[on my own]

falsetto last studio
[even though i have the album, i heard and wrote]
deep in the bottom
[when prompted, actually "theme from the bottom"]
heard as though new
them fotm thang fo a minute

s hears women are smarter

bottom feeding
as a concept (in porn too)

never be sorry about that
you made the right decision

ok he wears his pretensions on his sleeve

i really listened this time
b is teaching me conversation

this *is* what happens in the dead universe

wiped she
her tears
with my hand

dad, i ain't your wind up toy

we're all learning

boast rap

sarah is so cool
i love her so much
no actual reason
to hide it/anything?

this guy in a room at the back of a company they give drugs/computers to to be the brains or imagination or (pro)creative power of the thang.

give dad enterzone and my other links, new version of eudora
links going in

STATE of web integration real not ad marketing bullshit

massive from the bottom


did Fluf-fy(!)--
3 crescendos that made zeezee-wisey-ex look around

at the moment two of the men in her life are hanging out at madison square garden

to two too
force the issue ebonically

syrup at phish w/ xian whoda thunkit?

(knockin' like opening)

now you can draw the back of trey


nic addict (recovered: no, moderated)
Martha feels our scorn
don't *kill* nicotine executive! laugh at them, even though some of them are the nazi war criminals of today-->better in a cage-->invite people in

i take the fifth

me: i guess i just copped a feel or something but i didn't mean to.
girl bumming me cigarette: oh, that's ok.

nice long intro to antelope

we're in the same level

it does a body good


write down she said brown fuzzy mittens
the scribe takes liberties

brachiate! climb

it's weird when my legs call me a motherfucker specifically.

dad: put icons on desktop
mail from mom
xian's 'zine <--enough for now
do anyway
o'brian: "the door was on the jar"
he need a good (not really)

i need to sleep
why won't you let me


or nicotine
(or is it oral?)
one cigarette a day, patch
maybe smoke less pot

during a tight stomach guitar solo, if you dance with your stomach muscles loose, you geel tension there, to me it feels like anxiety.

san diego
"it's just a place"
this has been a message from the tourist bureau of seattle\\

who changed the r to or from rh to trrrrill?
who is that man, i would like to shake his hand

reproducing it is hard

i/take the fifth

Down with Disease->
David Bowie

just thinking re him an iman per ABIHDrown)

how to draw trey from behind (in three easy steps):

[scans added 98 02 12]
1. 2. 3.
be careful not to accidentally draw darth vader
loooook i am yohtt fathah

from the same paige

paige jam
re----? ?? of poss?? -- is that standard?

-> chalk dust torture
->tease? d predicted it

the look of astonishment on zzyzx's face was worth the price of admission

got to have some funk
definitely fonkay w/arthur'so (so?) african Wheee's

is this my next lifetime?

foxy lady (jam)

great dictation

stories my family told me since we all forget who "we" are

miss the dead?
it's good to miss what's gone

when sarah
to write
played up
the Notebook
where ideas are made
me: the ideas just happen
all you do is write them down

oh my god
we forgot to fuck

You Enjoy Myself (my first second [actually not, that would be Dirt])

like donald duck cursing at the end of YEM ah shee h'danmg like

this is new yawk
you betta fuckin' play an encoah.

when i whispered in her ear
i lost another friend

very faithful
rocked out
good times, bad times

[drawing of my knock-kneed legs:

me legs

lends woman's
body shape
to my silhouette
with littlest
belly yet
same effect

not raining hard anymore but the ombrella salesmen is out

mirror image (scan)

double negative profile

myth of alcohol as writer's drug
it's the pot

yester morrow
day one
first lines

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