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9 Feb 98

Took my first baby steps towards a possible new direction for my so-called career, spoke for an hour or so on the phone with the head of an agency about possibly becoming an agent and representing other authors working in my field (computer-book writing). It wouldn't make me much money at first, but it might prove more flexible in the long run and might help me continue to make use of my familiarity with this field and my experience as an editor and writer (not to mention as my own agent) even after I burned out on the prospect of endlessly cranking out new editions of my computer books, or fishing for that next big blockbuster. Ideally, the work would combine the gregarious, nurturing aspects of editing with the financial participation of authoring.

I sometimes feel as if I already am an agent, as my network of business, artistic, and personal colleagues grows organically day by day and as I find myself more and more often handing my overflow work over to others, finding talent for opportunities, and finding gigs for my friends at loose ends. Still, it would be nice to get paid for it.

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