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7 Feb 98

After my first really productive week of the year, I mean the first one where I can anywhere close to accomplishing as much as I wanted, and got my first solid submission in on the revision of my Internet book, I felt that I had earned the right to laze around all weekend. I did run a few errands, and take care of some things around the house, but mostly I sat around, reading and listening to music.

I did manage to track down my Dad at my folks' house (which we call Haggles End) and had a good long conversation with him and my mom. They both told me repeatedly how much they enjoyed the holidays, which I guess is a form of positive conditioning ("come back, come back...") but of course nice. I sure did have a let-down crash after the new year though! I guess nearly everyone who doesn't get depressed during the holidays does so afterward. Starting off the year off my stride didn't help, nor have the financial straits I've been in. (Oh, but I did get a tax refund from '96 and manage to pay all my outstanding bills, so the next crisis doesn't come till the beginning of March.)

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