b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

1 Dec 97

Been nursing something like a cold for the last week, some kind of respiratory ailment, and today it's turned into really heavy asthma, which always scares me a little. A close friend of B's died from an asthma attack right after we started seeing each other. I've been pushing myself too hard, trying to get Enterzone done, and only now recognizing that I need more sleep and more rest and just have to deal with things as quickly as I can without fretting.

Because e-zines have such an ephemeral presence in most people's minds and few of the trappings of "real" publications, I've always prided myself on the fact that we make our deadlines. Sure, Enterzone is only a quarterly, so it's not like putting something out every week (or every day, god forbid), but considering that everyone involved does this work in their "spare time," the quarterly deadlines loom quickly enough with every turn of the wheel. This time, we were so preoccupied with finding a new host and then moving the site and getting all the little scripts and whistles to work that it's been impossible to finalize the December issue by today. Now it's more important that I sleep. We should have something presentable up by tomorrow.

yester morrow

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