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30 Nov 97

Well, I've been writing this thing for a month now, I guess, and I still haven't come up with a brilliant navigation scheme. Right now it's fine if people want to read my jottings in reverse chronological order, but at least there should be some way to jump directly to the first one and read it going forward. As for jumping around, I can't imagine why anyone would say "I wonder what he wrote on November 15?" or anything like that, so I've been thinking of maybe doing up an index of first lines, to at least give browsers an inkling of what's lurking there.

I did recently decide that there was enough material built up here (and momentum) to warrant giving the URL out to a little more freely. I decided to list the address in my standard signature, so that the more brave of my correspondents might find out more for themselves. To my wonder, I've already received a few stunningly gracious comments that have reassured me once again that this deliberately pointless task is indeed worth the endeavor.


Still putting together that Enterzone retrospective, and it looks like another occasion where I'll be putting the new episode up sometime during the day it's promised (December 1), and then catching typos and bad links and fixing them all week, and on into the future. Ain't the Web grand?

yester morrow

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