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6 Jun 98

Didn't get enough sleep, couldn't, bailed on seeing part two of The Kingdom (five-hour movie), half-afraid I'd snore and humiliate myself. Took Briggs to Nakapan for dinner, first time in a long time, and then arrived at the Maritime Hall in time to miss all but the last song (Hey Joe) of 3:05 a.m. featuring special guest Noel Redding's opening set. None of my friends from Zero shows liked the band much and all said it was too loud.

Then Zero absolutely tore the roof off the sucker, fulfilling many wishes with their setlist, from Nick getting his Mona->Not Fade Away->Mona, this time in fact with a Love Light tucked in before the Mona reprise, many of us getting a two-instrumental opening medley (Tongue 'n' Groove and Berm), Briggs finally catching a La Fiesta (she's a big Return to Forever fan), which was my wish, this time with a credible All Blues inserted for the guitar solo, a full-on Gregg's Egg's, a raging Anorexia (Is Not for Everyone), and a titanospheric Little Wing encore, the last notes wrung from it like tears.

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