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26 May 98

At the Sonic Youth show tonight at the Fillmore, we stood in one of the doorways near the bar, trying to watch and listen to the band. A goony-faced laminate wearer with long stringly long hair, tall and spazzy, kept walking back and forth through the bottleneck between the doorway and the bar. He made a point of bumping into me or steering me with his hands as he passed. The third or fourth time by he said something I didn't catch. I asked him what he said and he said "you're kind of blocking the flow of traffic." "You are the flow of traffic," I said to him.

We both enjoyed the show, but spent the last 40 minutes of it in the hallway at the back of the Fillmore talking to Suki and Michael about this and that. I remember Hits of Sunshine, their new memorial to Allen Ginsberg. B hears SY as "elegiac, searching for the lost Eden.

Title idea: The _______ Shuffle.

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