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12 May 98

Stress causes colds says the study in Science Times today. Well, duh! right? but it's more specific. One threshold seems to be roughly a month of stress. Other big factors include work and paucity of social relations (Howard Hughes was wrong). Speaking of work, they single out examples of extreme stress (losing a job) and discuss two categories: unemployment and underemployment. I believe they may have overlooked a sibling co-factor: overemployment. Works for me.


Yesterday I picked up volume one of the Deadhead's Taping Compendium, covering 1959 through 1974. Nick is well represented throughout the book, particularly in the front, the early years. No glaring typos in my three reviews (a famous fragment possibly from 5-5-67, Woodstock, and a Berkeley show in '72 that a taper's group I'm involved with "released" a few years ago), but it would have been nice to have been given the opportunity to review the edits, It's so easy to nitpick with a new book, and while I think this could represent an impenetrable monolith to the the casual fan of rockin-roll, its very existence is impressive, I'm proud to have put in my proverbial two cents, and it's incidentally my first ever hardcover print appearance.

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