b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

6 May 98

Depending on whom you ask, Beltane was on the first (May Day) or it's today (astronomically speaking) or somewhere in between. I figure this would be a nice celtic time, between the extremes of equinoces and solstices, to get Enterzone 14 published.

Overheard on Euclid in northside, Berkeley: "there's crepes here and down here you can have korean barbecue" ... "that was the first question they asked me: 'why would you leave California to come to Belfast?' I told them. 'It's been raining in California for the last four months.'"


used cell phone
called office
typed code too slowly
got machine instead
typed code again, no effect
hung up (ended call)

called again
typed code faster
got messages
well one
long blank one after long signal
my own dead air

called my agent, former agent down in san diego area always forget the address something kookie sounding, like rancho cucamonga-by-the-sea, john wayne country. I know the area code's changed, dial 411. I"m reminded that 760 is the new one down there. I call, I get Maureen on the first try. Have they got my advance from McGraw-Hill yet? Sent it out today. I hang up, turn of the phone, throw it on the passengers' seat, close my eyes.

gotta write it down

yester morrow
day one
first lines

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