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21 Apr 98

Imagined an ideal routine in the shower this morning: I'd write every day (as when I'm updating this journal daily), but beyond that, each day would have a regular medium. Monday's I'd do my for-hire writing. Tuesday would be stay-home day, as it often is when I hang around waiting for the cleaners to come every other week, or when I do the grocery shopping. Wednesday would be painting day (or art in general). Thursday would be for music, listening, practicing the guitar, messing with recording stuff, etc. Friday would be the day for business, paying bills, keeping up with paperwork, with the reward of leaving work early as soon as the week's business is done.

That leaves Saturday and Sunday for rest, unstructured time, and love.


off to new orleans today until next tuesday, so may post only sporadically in the coming week, but i'll be scribbling away merrily in the jazz tent, believe that.

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