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4 Apr 98

Sleep in. Continuing digestion side-effects from flu, medication, not getting enough liquids (I know, I know!). Nice thing about Saturday a.m. is chance for sex and or full breakfast with no rushing. Eventually, we put on a Phish album and I wonder if their neo-fusion stylings might click with B's Return to Forever, Weather Report, Jaco bent.

At last we make it to B's office to start working on her web setup. I clean up the clutter at the UCTC website and reorganize the folders and FTP access at her end. After a Top Dog break (the east bay's answer to Papaya King), I get her Enterzone setup functioning, so that she can work on ezone more easily from the office. The third and biggest step is to sort out her proposed creative web projects, make space for them on a few servers, and set up convenient access here in her office and on the Be/Mac at home. That will have to wait for next time as we're both burnt out. Still, I'm getting more comfortable in that office.

On the way home, we stop by the Freight & Salvage box office and pick up two tickets to the upcoming John Fahey gig (exactly one week from now). Last time we saw him, he was coming off of a long bout with Epstein-Barr or CFIDS or whatever they call it now, and jinxed himself a few times by overreacting to fumbles.

We might be getting the car back monday.

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