b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

25 Mar 98

As I clear away accumulations of clutter, plaque, distractions, dukha, fuzz, grit, lint, friction - polish the lens - I start to feel directly, at first through nervelines raw and virgin as skin exposed too soon by compulsively peeled-off second-degree burned by the sun epidermis. Stark, vivid, unflinching, but oh so heady, especially when this clarity offers to extend to my expressive side, the O part of the I/O balance. I say to the world, look out. I ain't hardly begun.

File under creeping fear: as we open up become ready to bear ever greater hardships - please not yet.


Cult thread (OWF):
charismatic ego-central figure emerges from fertile background - first fans, co-conspirators get in on the ground floor, become extensions of the "leader," protect him/her (usually him) from surprises, evolve into court with all the intrigue that implies.

the phenomenon is most easily seen in actual medieval royalty and modern-day pop superstars, but there you see just the pinnacle of the ponzi pyramid, the proverbial iceberg's tip, hiding the lower levels, broader, iterative, the mini and microcosmic actings out of the same play of charisma, catalysis, coterie, court and spark.

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