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13 Mar 98

Yesterday found no pen in my stuff. Lighters and pens, just use your hands: accumulation, dissipation. Turns out, though, still had one pen stashed in the zipped-pocket pouch inside my briefcase.

One of the effects of not wearing my watch (1. more on this later, 2. put watch thread in OWF) is interludes between verified time. Today waiting in my therapist's waiting room, I could be late, on time, or early. When I hear the seal break on his inner door, behind the screen, the one that lets the preceding patient (client? customer?) depart with a modicum of privacy, crying or stoic or genuinely unmoved, for a moment I still do not know if I'm timely or late, in which case the screen will fold back and the doctor (Ph.D.) will usher me inside, or I'm early, in which case there's still ten minutes to go.

The waiting room - massage parlor delicacy. I avoid eye contact with the other patients, assuming they want their privacy at least as much as I do.

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