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7 Mar 98

The first west coast Coffeehousebook.com read-in felt like a triumph. The total number of attendees was small, barely over 20, but the setting was perfect (House of Zoka, a live/work music studio), the sound was virtually flawless, the ambient accompaniment to the readers was synergistic, and the flow of the evening worked just right, if I do say so myself. The rehearsing paid off, and the reading turned into a jam session and a party when the performances were done. Everyone seemed wild-eyed, bouncing ideas for future collaborations and projects off of each other. It was more than rewarding and I definitely want to do it again.

An emotional breakthrough with B from the day and night before left me tired but shaken out and uncrumpled like a handkerchief dried on the line. I was relaxed and comfortable and I'm still feeling a creative boost from our newfound flow, something we're striving to build on. This isn't the first time we've survived a crisis and kicked our relationship into a higher gear, but this feels like the most powerful opening yet. Again we were up for hours afterward.

Over in Hawaii, Sarah was participating in a spiritual ritual, one that also left her feeling wrung out and cleansed, and which answered a number of questions and confirmed a number of insights she had about herself (her healing ability, her relationships, her need to accept compassion from others). This just seems like one of those days where energy everywhere is erupting and being unleashed. It's hard to be eloquent about such fundamentally nonverbal feelings and experiences.

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