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28 Feb 98

Having gone to bed at four last night I slept till 10 and woke up bleary. (Found out later Sarah was up at 9! I think she must have incredible fortitude.) I made breakfast. Then I went to my office to work on Enterzone. Sarah was waiting by the elevator, having just chatted with my across-the-hall neighbor, a genial attorney/private eye. Her friends showed up and I found them to be noticeably as real and unaffected as Sarah is herself. Instead of minding the mess, they seemed to like the playfulness of this space. Paula, Sarah's buddy who'd driven up from San Diego just to see her, asked me unusual questions and really listened to the answers. I felt a little like I was being checked out, but in a nice way.

After they left, I got a little done and then headed home, so Briggs and I could go out to King Yen on Piedmont Avenue because the Myrens were up from Half Moon Bay for the Day and Jeff and Annie and their little Sarah were coming all the way from Berkeley, Bill and EB were coming, and we were going to get our first peek at Dan and Barbara's little one. Even with the kids alternately crying or bouncing off the waiters, we managed to carry on multiple overlapping catching up conersations. I still felt that benevolent glow (it had started probably sometime during the show last night or during the long hours afterword as we'd driven to Nick's, found him not home, parked and talked, driven to Alameda, and parked and talked some more) and EB mentioned how rarely we get to sit together and talk. She's about to go back to school to study fine art and design. How cool and scary!

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