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20 Feb 98

file under told it backwards: i came across this jotting in my address book from about a week or so ago, but before dan's decision to go see frank black et al: mirrors within mirrors dept.: dan complained charmingly that i'm reviewing bands he's not familiar with (hippie bands - phish and zero) in this journal. i made a deal with him: he reminds me of the date of the upcoming frank black/john doe sow and i'll go and write about it here. starting to see what joyce liked about colons.

note that I'm envious of jeff's current smashing success at the computer gaming magazine: his humorous columns have landed him the coveted back page space. flattered when jeff, e-mailing me out the blue, ad libs that he and dan and i could probably make "the funniest tv show ever" which reminds me that one day i have to code up the naztek 1000 infomercial promo for the web.

same day, different mood: how constricting it is (for my neck) to plan out my schedule so far in advance. so facile.


takes so little sometimes to restore me to an even keel, i'm learning to ride out the troughs - talk myself through. you wouldn't think the little self pep talk would help much but it does: c'mon christian you know in a month this will all seem like no big deal -or- you've been through this before. what i retain (promethean) from the peaks is not the euphoria but the sense of perspective.

found out where the extra $84 our car insurance co just tacked onto our bill came from: my speeding ticket from last year in new jersey. thanks a lot, computers.

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