b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

17 Feb 98

this upcoming phil & friends show at the fillmore has assumed the stature of post-dead hypey buzz of the moment, to the point where syrup is talking seriously about flying from hawaii for the show - which shames me for my inability to fly out to oahu for the zero show there - on the off-chance that my spare ticket (spare because dan decided he was able to make it out to see frank black/john doe/fuck at bimbo's but it's the same night and b preferred that show to the latest pseudo-dead event) might be available, even though i'd more than half offered it to griffin, who is so polite and respectful of syrup's degree of deadication that he's offered to step aside. then again, s likewise offered to defer when told that he had dibs. everyone's so self sacrificing.

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