b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

28 Jan 98

Rushing isn't getting me anywhere but burnt. Got to remember to slow down.

Trying to "catch up" is a trap, one of the many that take me out of the now into the remembered shortcomings of the past and the rectifying schemes for the future.

Ask myself

  1. do i really have to do this now?
  2. will postponing it help anything?
  3. why am i so sad?

even the daily
journal a fore-
shortened grid
into which i
try to write my

doug asked me if i was a physicist
when i used the expression grid or
the metaphor of a mesh or screen
placed on reality that enables
measurement but also obscures
fine patterns, the opposition of
reason and superstition,
science and the occult, physics
and metaphysics. no, i said.
philosophy. but it turns out
that both physicists and meta-
physicists trip and visualize and talk
about the same kind of shit

yester morrow
day one
first lines

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