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8 Jan 98

there's nothing more pathetic than a disorganized, underpromoted author signing. the bookstore buyers and flunkies think you're a joke.

met the bookstore's buyer (again - he has the air of an old punk) but did not press advantage for Coffeehousebook.

I think one of said flunkies may have read a little of this over my shoulder. She got busy reorganizing the display of books and moved my seat to near the cash register where I was simply in the way, uncharismatically thumbing through CGI/Perl, stylesheet, and dynamic HTML books from the bookstore's display.

At least this alleged signing got me into the MacWorld Expo for free. It's oddly reassuring just to see the Mac masses still en masse. Nerd and hippie chic are now just clothing and lifestyle options here amidst the more MBA-inflected stylees.


got three answers to the BeOS Find question I've been wrestling with, but I think the third (independently supplied by a German vendor and the childlike programmers in the developer's lounge on the mezzanine - there's a story in their inwardly turned body language).

Signed all the books as I got ready to leave, half an hour into the voluminous time set aside for the signing. They could then sticker them with "Signed by Author" and perhaps now they'll be more inclined to push them to sell through. Every little re-order helps. Better yet, I finally talked to Patrick, the buyer, about cohobo and he told me to e-mail him and remind him and he'd look into it, so we may finally get stocked in my favorite Berkeley bookstore six months or more after our pub date.

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