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5 Jan 98

Among the messages on the phone machine at home was one from Lillie, my salesperson at "Cronos." The car is ready almost two weeks ahead of schedule, it said, so B and I went in today to sign the papers. I brought in my printed-out spreadsheet and caught an error in their favor of $59. Now onto the DMV and our insurance company, triple-A. We've decided to coregister both cars and get on with the unmarried merging of our monetary lives.

The weird send-off cheer they do when you close the deal ("I crow! I crow! I crow! Cronos!" with quasi-fascist salute arm movements) is no less bizarre when you and your forest green lozenge of a car are the subject of the hurrah. I ended up applauding myself, monkey fashion.

The only real message at the office was from Doug, my insurance agent, reminding me to send a check.

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