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5 Dec 97

i'm not obsessed with microsoft. oh no, but... i just gave myself one of those pathetic little chuckles you get when you come across your own mischief (like the tagline on no bird at the birdhouse, which i must have sent scot but then forgot all about).

At some point when reorganizing my start menu/submenus, i took all the bogus little microsoft apps that had been installed on my system beyond my wishes (currently, for the record, Microsoft Bookshelf, Microsoft Input Devices, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Network) and put them all in a menu folder called Microsoft Shit. I chuckled because I had meant it just in the sense that it was the crap that microsoft left lying all over, but this time it looked to me like a new product from redmond: microsoft shit! not compatible with traditional toilets.

yester morrow

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