b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

14 Nov 97

I spent all day toying with work and halfheartedly replying to e-mail but mainly looking forward to my weekly yoga class. it's starting to feel like a tonic.

this evening, the teacher at one point admitted that his own enthusiasm and "ambition" as he calls it led to him injuring his knee in his early strivings to excel at yoga. he has a good sense of humor about this kind of thing.

i committed my own sin (to continue using this utterly inappropriate Catholic terminology) of ambition in the downward facing dog posture, in that i strove to straighten my arms out of my shoulder sockets and managed to push those wing-y, shoulder blade straddling, rib connecting muscles on both sides of me. it's not killing me, but a little ibuprophen was called for.

it sure felt good, though, to calm down, and challenge tightnesses, and relax muscles, and twist my spine from side to side.

yester morrow

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