b r e a t h i n g   r o o m

31 Oct 97

If those hot winds have to blow out of the east from over the hills, then I'd want to be right where we were today, out near the ocean. Point Reyes is literally on the next continental plate. You cross the San Andreas fault, quite obviously, to get out to the point (it moves north about two inches a year but jumped 20 feet during the big quake in 1903? shit check the year how embarasking.

Here it was such a beautiful day that I heedless caught the worst sunburn of the year, not so bad really, more of a reminder, at the end of the day of the wind and sun chap, the glory of exposure. I've gotten much better at managing my fair skin in this ozone depleted age, and used to suffer much worse, peeling maddeningly itchy (let the itch scratch itself) burns to kick off each summer. I can be very slow but I do learn, sometimes over and over again.

yester morrow

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